Forschungsbereich Straßenwesen

Research Field Structural Engineering

Key Activities

  • Design of asphalt, rigid and block pavement constructions for highly loaded road and industrial areas
  • Optimisation of building material and structure of road areas and airfields on the basis of functional requirements
  • Development, simulation and structural monitoring of innovative constructions for road and airfield pavements
  • Large-scale tests & long-term monitoring of innovative structures
  • Development of the basics for the establishment and revision of guidelines in road constructions

Key Research Areas

  • Development of tools for structural analysis for flexible, semi-rigid and rigid structures based on numerical methods (finite element methods, multiscale modelling)
  • Development of constitutive material models for bituminous building materials
  • Modelling of load and climate induced changes of road characteristics during the life cycle
  • Implementation of probabilistic approaches in performance and failure prediction models to address real stresses and varying material properties of pavement structures

Current Research Projects

  • EcoRoads – sustainable rigid pavements, repair or rehabilitation of damaged or underdimesioned Asphalt roads using the Whitetopping construction method
  • Simplifying time-consuming performance based test methods on asphalt mix level by correlating performance of asphalt mix to mastic and bitumen level (VEGAS)
  • Consideration of the frost sensitivity of soils in the design of road pavements
  • Road construction support and assessment of the "LayJet" construction method for broadband expansion in rural areas (project phase II)
  • Block Pavement Constructions (FQP)